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Bridget Hennessy D.M.D.

Dr. Hennessy had her start in dentistry as a dental assistant, knowing that she would someday become a dentist herself.  She was encouraged by a family friend, also a dentist, who saw potential in her for a team leader in her own dental practice.

After meeting Dr. Weydert, it became clear that these two could lead a practice together.  With the same philosophy of patient care, and the same desire for learning practice excellence, a real friendship developed.

The patients come first, always.  Dr. Hennessy takes her responsibility to provide excellent care as top priority.  Patients should know what they have as options, either what may work for now, or what the ideal final solution should be.

As a born-again Christian, honesty and love for humanity come first.  She has a daughter that is recently turned eighteen.  And now is the time to allow her daughter the freedom to grow, and for a practice to begin.

Hobbies for Dr. Hennessy include singing (which you may experience in her humming during treatment) and going for hikes into the woods.

Many people are curious what D.M.D. means.  It only means that the dental school chose to use the Latin version of “Doctor of Dental Surgery”-  There is no difference in education.

Dr. Hennessy likes to focus on aesthetics and surgery: A beautiful smile, and a healthy jaw and periodontium.  She is also particularly interested in CAD/CAM dentistry.  But all other treatments are openly welcome.

Jennifer Weydert D.D.S.

Growing up in the Midwest from a small town in Iowa, Dr. Weydert soon realized how important a smile can be to those around us. She feels passionate about the oral health of her patients and feels it is important to take the time to inform patients of their current oral health status and focus on preventative education.

Dr. Weydert’s journey in dentistry includes graduating in 2005 from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and then working in private practice in Minnesota.  After moving to Germany, Dr. Weydert continued to work in private practice caring for fellow Americans overseas.  She then met Dr. Hennessy and realized they share a common goal in their profession, providing excellent care to their patients.  Outside of dentistry, Dr. Weydert enjoys chasing after her 4 children (all boys) and traveling with her husband.

I am blown away with how thorough & knowledgeable the staff is. I came into my appointment with some concerns and, through trial and error, we were able to fix a simple issue. Thank you for taking the time to understand each of your patients.

Christina Campbell